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Fax Broadcasting from IBEM.biz for Users

The IBEM internet fax service is used daily by a wide variety of users

Home Users - Send a resume to prospective employers or short notes to friends and family, without requiring a fax machine. Use various email services like Outlook/Outlook Express, Eudora, etc., or even web-based email like Yahoo and Hotmail, with ease because IBEM will accept all faxes from them all.

SOHO/Small Business - IBEM will manage all your needs and the needs of your business as you grow. Through IBEM, your email application becomes your fax machine so you save on fax machines and phone lines. While you're out of the office, send orders and proposals directly from your laptop. Promote yourself or your business with fax broadcasts without buying an expensive fax server.

Medium/Large Business - With no hardware, software, or phone lines to install and maintain, IBEM can make your business/enterprise fax-ready within minutes. Our service automatically integrates with your LAN and WAN, and grows and shrinks with your changing business requirements. Bypass per -user costs through IBEM and watch as we increase your enterprise with fax server.

Travel Industry and Hospitality - Using a variety of programs such as Worldspan®, Sabre®, Amadeus®, Galileo®, and Gilboa®, IBEM can fax itineraries, reservations, and booking notifications to meet all of your business needs. Plus, you will also be able to fax from custom-built environments, without installation. Training takes only five minutes.

Web Site Faxing - Save time and paper by automatically faxing orders, quotes and confirmations from your web site to any destination worldwide. Whether you are a restaurant, car dealership, dental practice, mover, florist, or any other company, you can utilize IBEM to streamline communications from your web site to other points of service.