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Customer Satisfaction

Get the opinions of your customers and find out if they are happy with your business. A Customer Satisfaction DataCollect helps answer that and opens the door for a dialogue between you and your consumers. Some DataCollect questions may ask:

- What do customers think about your products, services, and support?
- What are you doing right and wrong?
- Were they satisfied with their in-store and online shopping experience?
- What event speakers, panelists, or topics excited them?
- ...and more!!

Market Research

The world is always growing and so are businesses. Make sure your business or organization is keeping up with this growth through market research DataCollects. These DataCollects will help guide your future business decisions, giving you new ideas to make improvements,and grow your business or organization. Such DataCollects will help you get answers to questions like:datacollect

- Why customers purchased your product or joined your organization?
- How effective was your marketing message, and how can it be improved?
- What do your customers think about your product, and will they buy again?

Testing New Products and Services

What new products, services, features, and benefits are your customers looking for? Discover new opportunities to grow your business by asking for their feedback and ideas. These DataCollects will help you to get answers to what customers are looking for in a quality product, what they are willing to pay for your product, do they like your product, and what does the competition offer.


What do members or volunteers think about your organization's events, membership benefits, and programs. Nonprofit DataCollects will give you insight into what motivated your members to attend your event, how satisfied they are with your membership benefits, and what they would like to see in the future.

Website Feedback

By placing links within the online purchase flow, near a product photo or service description, or on your website, you can gather instant feedback. This feedback can include clients - reaction to your website, their online purchase experience, and their opinion on the product or services.

Local Events

Start where you are, in your community! IBEM.BIZ has small business marketing experts across the country, ready to show you how-through email marketing and online DataCollects-you can take your business or association to the next level of success. Our skilled professionals will share valuable tips...give you ideas...and suggest ways you can initiate communication and cultivate lasting relationships with our customers.

Learn the way you want to learn to get successful results. Whether it's an article on industry best practices, a live webinar, or recorded tutorial, you'll find all the resources you need to grow your organization through the power of email marketing and DataCollects.

Meet your local marketing expert in person by attending a seminar, speaking event, or trade show in your area. For a full schedule of events in your area, select a region from the drop-down menu below.